My Wardrobe

My Wardrobe

Humming Bird V-Neck from Urban Outfitters and jean shorts






It comes natural to most of us. It’s something we do daily. It’s how we get from place to place. We move when we eat, walk, talk, and even sleep. Movement. To some it’s just that simple. To others it’s how we express and what we live for. 

I can not explain the feeling I get when I dance. Im obsessed with it. It has become my addiction; truly the best drug for you. I have a very hard time sitting still. I get that same feeling when I’m actually dancing when I’m just walking. That’s most likely why I take such long strides. It’s been ingrained in my brain that the more space you take up with your movement the more beautiful the movement becomes and it feels wonderful. 

Movement is my art form. The steps are my color pallet and the way I execute them are my brush strokes. There is so much emotion in dancing, you just have to put your heart into it.